We know and understand financial institutions. As your revenue partner, we recognize our role in your economic world and we take our job seriously. We are consistent and well informed with a steady long term plan to drive returns.

Why Choose SB&C?

Payments Plans that Work

Collaborative recovery strategies; we build payment plans based on an individual’s income to produce a cooperative solution.

Identifying Resources

Advanced analytics to assist with identifying all payors, including individuals, estates and wage earner plans.

Right Party Contact

Account scrubbing at data entry for correct responsible party information.

Financial Rebound

We are here for the long haul which means we continue to spot check assets and look for indicators of financial rebound such as employment, purchased property, etc…

Communication vs Harassment

While carrying out the collection process, we will not harass however we will communicate, recognizing the importance of treating the people we encounter with dignity, fairness and respect.


Our staff is thoroughly trained across a broad spectrum of recovery processes and procedures specifically tailored for government and industry regulated issues. SB&C is in full compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act as well as all applicable state and federal laws. Our compliance team is dedicated to keeping our highly trained staff educated on current laws and regulations.


Our experienced personnel possess a clear understanding of privacy laws and data security issues as well as the importance of protecting client information. With a secure office environment and an infrastructure certified for PCI compliance, we have the tools in place to safeguard your data.


Technology tools and partnerships have been carefully integrated into our system to provide information and resources to significantly impact the collection process. Our in house IT specialists, as well as our network of outside specialized collection technology companies, continually provide us with updates on the most secure and effective applications, tools and methods.

Secure Portal

As our partner, you have the ability to transmit new accounts, review consumer payments, update consumer accounts, generate tailored reports, send and receive messages 24/7 through our secure online portal. Users and their permissions can be customized to fit individual employee access.

Account Processing

Before an account is even entered into active collection, SB&C in-depth account handling begins. Our team pre-scrubs each account to confirm that charges and payments equal the balance, responsible parties are not a minor and non-allowable fees are addressed. Once the account goes into our system, we protect consumer information by verifying the correct responsible parties. The account is then moved into our comprehensive proprietary collection process which develops differently with each account but may include among other processes, calls, notices, skip tracing, credit reporting, and legal action.

Diplomacy/Recovery Specialists

Our collection team is trained to the highest standards in the industry and holds an exemplary compliance record. All work is processed in a legal manner every step of the way as it moves through the pipeline from listing to payment. SB&C organizational oversight includes quality control through consistently monitoring the management of each account as it is worked through the appropriate collection stages to secure payment. We stress to our teams that the measurement of productivity is not simply the amount of money collected but also an awareness to sustain positive consumer relations on behalf of each of our clients.


Staying in compliance with Washington State laws and federal regulations is critical. In today’s environment the rules governing what is and what is not allowed in regards to collection can change rapidly. SB&C, with our in house legal team and working knowledge of local and state government, is here to help keep our clients on course. As we experience rule changes within Washington State, we have the infrastructure to support the changes efficiently and effectively. Our legal team is made up of true experts in this very specialized area of the law, and we work together with them every day to plan, collaborate, and problem-solve as a team. From preparation of legal documents to final judgement and execution, our in house legal team takes care of it all. Our ability to utilize all of the legal tools available in a cost-effective manner is second to none.

Security Certifications & Memberships

Leadership in organizations that guide the development of the collection industry is important to us. These organizations influence and guide policies in our industry, and as a collection leader, we believe involvement within these organizations is essential. As a leader in the practice of ethical and compliant collection, SB&C is committed to numerous professional organizations.